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“UEA broke FoI law” — but the real question is, what will the Heartland Institute say?

[cite as: S. Stepanovich. 2010. “UEA broke FoI law” — but the real question is, what will the Heartland Institute say? Intl. J. Inact., 3:5]

This just in:

The [Climatic Research Unit of the] University of East Anglia broke the law by refusing to release data requested under the Freedom of Information Act by climate-change sceptics, a watchdog has ruled.

However, the laws were flouted too long ago to make prosecution possible in the case, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said.

Now, the climate inactivist group that is Heartland Institute hasn’t yet covered this story, but if they do, I imagine it’ll look something like this:

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has ruled that CRU broke the law by hiding data relating to climate change. This is a very serious crime indeed, and it very clearly confirms the existence of a nefarious conspiracy behind the global warming scare, fueled by radical Marxist elements such as Richard Stallman.

Strangely, the ICO announcement was timed to coincide with Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. Is this a coincidence, or was the ICO pressured by global warming believers into trying to downplay the impact of their revelation?

Despite whatever pressures the ICO might have been facing, as a foot soldier in the great war for freedom, I find it refreshing that a government agency can still speak with such candor on the existence of the global warming fraud. In this day and age, when a war hero like McCain could lose a presidential election merely because he refused to call Barack Obama by his middle name — Hussein — the ICO finding is a much-needed antidote to the liberal madness that surrounds us. There is hope for humanity after all.



Is Coleman v. Gore still dead? — part deux

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[cite as: S. Stepanovich. Is Coleman v. Gore still dead? — part deux. Intl. J. Inact., 3:4]

Oh no, oh no… according to the Heartland Institute, renowned TV weatherman John Coleman has come up with a special report showing that the US government’s temperature measurements are a complete scam! [cached]

According to the special report, the U.S. government’s two primary climate centers – the National Climatic Data Center and NASA’s Goddard Institute (GISS) – dropped from their climate network weather observation centers that showed little or no recent warming. As a result, greater weight is now given to stations showing anomalous warming, often due to non-climate factors such as growth in urban heat islands and poor siting conditions.

Other features in the special report:

  • details of John Coleman’s lawsuit against Al Gore which has been imminent since March 2008;
  • a clarification on whether John Coleman is going to sue the NCDC and NASA GISS, in addition to suing Al Gore;
  • whether NCDC and GISS are both part of Al Gore’s Global Warming Pork-Barrel Conspiracy;


The International Journal of Inactivism is moving!

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Update 2010-03-20: Most of the recent exciting developments in this blog’s study of inactivism are now at the Decoding Swifthack sub-blog.

The International Journal of Inactivism is moving! The new permanent URL for the journal is (which, as of writing, redirects to Update your bookmarks, and have fun.

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