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The “Climategate” story
Told in all its glory
Of scientists’ conspiracy
To roast our democracy

But ask the tellers, ‘Proved it?’
And they say ‘We moved it’
While journos strive for on-site
A substitute for insight

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The International Journal of Inactivism is moving!

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Update 2010-03-20: Most of the recent exciting developments in this blog’s study of inactivism are now at the Decoding Swifthack sub-blog.

The International Journal of Inactivism is moving! The new permanent URL for the journal is (which, as of writing, redirects to Update your bookmarks, and have fun.


Judicial Watch watch

[cite as: S. Stepanovich. Judicial Watch watch. Intl. J. Inact., 3:3]

Hi, I’m Stepan Stepanovich, the new Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Inactivism. Rumour has it that I’m actually the alter ego of former Editor-in-Chief Frank Bi, and I’m also related to Steve Steve, but I can assure you that the jury’s still out on these questions. Anyway…

* * *

Via the inactivist blog Watts Up With That?, I came across a group of people who call themselves Judicial Watch. [1, 2] Their self-description on the particular press release linked from WUWT [cached] — which, incidentally, is written in the third person — says Judicial Watch is “the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption”, although from the group web site’s front page it seems what they’re worried about most is, well,


Oh, and what do they say on the legality of cracking into the e-mails of researchers of a public university? [cached] Not much:

Documents uncovered by a computer hacker reveal that researchers studying climate change may have manipulated their data.

So do they think the relevant governments should identify, arrest, and prosecute this “computer hacker” via due process? Are they going to ensure that governments work on arresting the culprits responsible? If they are, what’s the big reason they’re not saying so?

(Their ‘analysis’ of the NASA e-mails released under the Freedom of Information Act is also nonsense: they note that the NASA temperature correction only affects temperature data from year 2000 on, then suddenly assert that this somehow affects the 1998 temperature measurement.)

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