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The International Journal of Inactivism is a scholarly journal dedicated to inactivism, inactivists, inaction, and inactionology, especially with regard to global warming and mitigating it.

I still don’t get it…

I’m guessing you already know a thing or two about the theory of global warming — as in, it’s caused by greenhouse gases such as CO2 which humans are pumping in huge quantities into the atmosphere, and its effects are very likely going to be very bad, etc. etc.

By “inaction” here I’m referring to some people’s claim that we should do nothing to stop global warming — especially, that governments shouldn’t try to enact any policies (e.g. caps on greenhouse gas emissions) to mitigate global warming. There’s in fact quite a deliberate, well-funded, and formidable public relations campaign that’s dedicated to ‘explaining’ why inaction is good, and to stopping any climate change regulations in their tracks — an “inactivist” movement.

Um, I still don’t get it…

Listen to Naomi Oreskes’s The American Denial of Global Warming — you may be able to find it in your public library or DVD store as well. Be forewarned though, it’ll fill your mind with naughty anti-American pinko thoughts. :-B

No, really, I still don’t get it…

OK, the IJI isn’t really a scholarly journal, it’s just a blog pretending to be one. :-B :-B

Why the word “inactivism”?

The short answer’s that it’s more accurate and descriptive than other words which have been used to describe the movement, such as “denialism” or “skepticism”. The long answer’s in a blog entry.


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