International Journal of Inactivism (now supplanted by Decoding SwiftHack)


Quick summary of, well, stuff

[cite as: F. Bi. 2009. Quick summary of, well, stuff. Intl. J. Inact., 2:109]

Shorter Kevin Grandia, 2009-12-20: The so-called “Copenhagen Accord” for climate change regulation is just a way to pretend to do something while doing nothing. [cached]

Shorter Andrew Light, 2009-12-19: It’s true that the “Copenhagen Accord” didn’t actually do anything. But instead of doing nothing under the old paradigm (that World = Developed Nations + Developing Nations), it’s now doing nothing under a new paradigm (that World = Major Greenhouse Gas Emitters + Minor Greenhouse Gas Emitters). This new paradigm of doing nothing is very meaningful — and indeed, it’s a potential game-changer! [cached]

* * *

Shorter C’S’CA, 2009-12-15: Climate models used in the IPCC reports are too simplistic, and make certain assumptions that may not be true. In fact, by building a climate model which is even more simplistic, we were able to show that the assumptions are probably not true after all! [cached]

Shorter Roy Spencer, back in 2008-05-22: Let me explain. My even-more-simplistic model gives results that are different from the not-so-simplistic models used in the IPCC reports. Therefore, clearly your model is wrong, and my model is right! You see, I’m an observationalist, not a modeler. [cached]



  1. You have a talent for concise summaries!

    Comment by Duae Quartunciae — 2009/12/21 @ 09:46 | Reply

    • Thanks, you flatter me. 🙂

      Comment by frankbi — 2009/12/21 @ 13:13 | Reply

  2. Even more simplistic models?
    Are they using a slightly different version of the KISS law?
    As in Keep It Stupid, Stupid?

    Comment by TomG — 2009/12/24 @ 17:26 | Reply

    • The trick is to dress up the stupid elementary errors in the clothes of reasonable-sounding verbiage and hints of Galileo. 🙂

      Comment by frankbi — 2009/12/25 @ 02:39 | Reply

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