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"Integrity", "affiliates", "allies", and being "silenced"

[cite as: F. Bi. 2009. “Integrity”, “affiliates”, “allies”, and being “silenced”. Intl. J. Inact., 2:97–98]


While global warming inactivists continue to yammer on about the supposed global warming ‘conspiracy’ ‘revealed’ by the cracked CRU e-mails, Tom Harris has apparently been asking for money for his brainchild climate inactivist group, the International Climate ‘Science’ Coalition. On the ICSC server there are three content pages which look like some sort of draft request for funding, though I’m not sure if the request is directed at the public, at organizations, or both. [cached: 1, 2, 3] (As of writing, none of these pages have appeared on Google.)

Most of the content comprises things we already know — particularly about their astroturf tactics, but there’s some interesting stuff:

New national Climate ‘Science’ Coalitions, coming to an office cubicle near you: On the first page, we’re told that the ICSC is helping to set up “national Climate Science Coalitions” in “Canada, the UK, Europe, India and other countries” — in addition to the currently existing NZCSC, Australian CSC, and CSC of America.

“Affiliates” and “allies”: Another interesting thing is Harris’s use of the terms “affiliates” and “allies”. On page 2:

In particular, ICSC, and its affiliates, agree to maintain the following set of standards to preserve the integrity of our coalition. ICSC, and its affiliates:

  • are apolitical, not supporting or opposing left, right, or center ideologies or political parties;
  • avoid promotion of, or opposition to, corporate commercial interests or particular energy sources. We are endeavoring to encourage public policy based on the best available science for the benefit of society and the natural world, independent of which vested commercial and other interests win or lose; […]

However, nothing in this text prevents them from promoting a certain ideology — as long as they don’t outright support it!

And indeed that’s what they’ve done: they promoted a climate change ‘conference’ hosted by the Heartland Institute, an openly “free-market” group which propagates wingnut conspiracy theories. This is of course OK by their extremely strict integrity standards (heheh), because groups such as Heartland aren’t really “affiliates”, but “allies” (see page 3):

We plan to increasingly use the ICSC Website as an information portal to the worldwide climate realist community, operating as a linking gateway to help our allies expand their reach.

And last but not least: On pages 1 and 3, Harris states that the ICSC web site will host the most up-to-date version of S. Fred Singer’s so-called “NIPCC Report”. Singer is yet another ideologically-addled “ally” whom the ICSC is more than willing to promote, thanks to the ICSC’s über-stringent integrity guidelines.


In other news, the Heartland Institute’s Dan Miller is complaining that global warming skeptic Galileos are being “silenced”.

“Silenced”, well, in the sense that a series of papers were originally scheduled to be presented in a single conference session, but have been rescheduled to different sessions. [cached]



  1. Are they dreaming? or is there a sudden influx of capital expected? and from where?

    Comment by greenfyre — 2009/11/21 @ 21:53 | Reply

    • Blessed if I know. And there are so many things I really want to know…

      Comment by frankbi — 2009/11/22 @ 13:03 | Reply

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