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You are in a maze of little twisting think-tanks, all different: Dobrý den!

cite as: F. Bi. 2009. You are in a maze of little twisting think-tanks, all different: Dobrý den! Intl. J. Inact., 2:91

It seems that Czech President Václav Klaus, in his effort to promote global warming inaction, has started a new (advocacy? policy study?) group called the Prague Network. [cached]

Now this isn’t very interesting in itself; what is interesting, well, is that there’s a web site owned by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a group which is — let’s put it this way — not based in Prague. [cached]

(Hmm. So how does the free-market think-tank-o-sphere work exactly? Does a new ‘free-market group’ undergo some sort of ‘incubation programme’ during which they live on some larger group’s web space, until they attract enough hack writers to get their own web site?)



  1. Did he invite Lubos?

    Comment by William Connolley — 2009/10/25 @ 15:59 | Reply

  2. William Connolley:

    No sign that he did, but who knows…

    Comment by frankbi — 2009/10/27 @ 12:04 | Reply

  3. Clearly, this is globalization’s natural conclusion. I mean, break down borders definitively enough, and I’m positive you could claim that the CEI is based in Prague.

    Comment by Brian D — 2009/10/30 @ 20:55 | Reply

  4. I suppose CEI might be hosting it for Klaus et al. I haven’t looked into the CEI, but the title sounds like the kind of people who would be buddies with Klaus.

    Comment by AntiquatedTory — 2009/11/27 @ 21:52 | Reply

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