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Random image VI

cloward-piven-strategy-and-barack-obama No, I did not make up this diagram. I saw it on a blog calling itself Ragnarok; [cached] clearly the blog is either written by a truly paranoid wingnut or written as a very good parody of the wingnut mind. The blog attributes the diagram to a “” web site, but unfortunately the web site is no more — perhaps it was secretly destroyed by the New Left Red Diaper Babies.

Or was actually owned secretly by New Left Red Diaper Babies in the first place? Well, unfortunately there are no answers.



  1. That’s glorious. That really, really is.

    Also, I believe the ‘New Left Red Diaper Babies’ are now known as ‘The Green Toddlers,’ so as to hide their obvious Communist sympathies.

    Comment by HORansome — 2009/09/18 @ 23:12 | Reply

  2. HORansome:

    Haha. [imagines diapers which are green on the outside, red on the inside]

    Comment by frankbi — 2009/09/19 @ 03:55 | Reply

  3. Turns out the diagram came by way of a blog at, which in turn came from an article American Thinker, which is just the usual evidence-free insinuations and conspiracy theorizing.

    Comment by frankbi — 2009/09/20 @ 18:21 | Reply

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