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I am not a wingnut, but…

cite as: F. Bi. 2009. I am not a wingnut, but… Intl. J. Inact., 2:47–49

A novice monk once asked the High Priest of the Goracle, “Great Master, does the global warming skeptic movement have the Wingnut Nature?”

The High Priest let him listen to an audio mash-up of Christopher Monckton’s speech at the Heartland conference.

Upon this, the novice was enlightened.

* * *

Still, the raving wingnuts are still trying to convince, well, some people, that they’re not actually raving wingnuts, but merely reasonable-minded defenders of the Plain Truth or something. How? By using euphemisms, that’s how. Witness an essay by Susan Easton in Human Events about the Heartland climate ‘science’ conference:

It is rare that a conference transcends its format, its brilliant assembly of experts and participants, and becomes something greater than the whole. This was one of those events, […]

By “transcends its format”, what Easton really means is that the conference wasn’t about science or research to begin with.

Launched out of an existing scientific organization in Canada (The International Climate Science Center [um, Coalition?] based in Ottawa), this new entity will allow this prestigious group of scientists — as they have chosen to rebrand themselves — to coalesce their energies and become a coordinated chorus, […]

In brief: the group of ‘experts’ are using the ICSC, which is nothing more than a mindless meme propagation shop, to make lots of noise.

The “faculty” was comprised of Ph.D.s and area-specific experts from 14 nations.

US House Republican Tom McClintock was one of the speakers, and I can’t figure out what kind of “Ph. D.” or “area-specific expert” he is — unless it’s a Ph. D. in Fractally Illogical Bollocks. Then again, if Easton can refer to a speaker roster as a “faculty”, then I guess anything goes.

What is The Heartland Institute? For the past 25 years, Heartland has sought out free market solutions to challenges in all facets of our complex society. It gathers facts and data from the best sources available, functioning as a clearing house. It then provides detailed reports — on a nonpartisan basis — primarily to the 8,300 elected state and national officials in the U.S.

In other words, Heartland “gathers facts and data from the best sources available” in order to support a predetermined conclusion, namely that The Free Market Is Great. But wait! It distributes its “reports” “on a nonpartisan basis”! Anything which has the word “nonpartisan” somewhere in it must be pretty good…

* * *

In other news, apparently the wingnut sentiment on the AIG fat cats brouhaha has morphed from “it’s all Obama’s fault that our precious tax money is going to AIG fat cats!” to “Obama’s trying to penalize competent rich people!”

* * *


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