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Japanese climate crank necromancy

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cite as: F. Bi. 2009. Japanese climate crank necromancy. Intl. J. Inact., 2:41–42

In the Japanese movie Makai Tenshō 魔界転生, Shirō Amakusa launched a rebellion against the Tokugawa Shōgunate’s persecution of Christians, and when the rebellion was crushed, Amakusa in a fit of despair sold his soul to the forces of darkness, and in exchange gained the power to raise the dead. He uses this power to form an undead army.

Now, I wonder if global warming inactivists are following in the fictionalized Amakusa’s footsteps, because they now seem to be resurrecting the ‘new report shows Japanese scientists now skeptical of global warming theory!’ meme (which I thought had become an ex-meme a few weeks ago…).

Now, even if you can’t read Japanese, it should be clear that the “report” isn’t actually a report, but just a back-and-forth discussion between the authors, with Seita Emori defending the IPCC position, and Akasofu, Kusano, etc. trying to cast doubt on it. In addition, a fact which is mentioned in neither The Register, nor the National Post, nor The Australian, is that Emori was given the last word in each of the discussion threads. Indeed, James Annan reports in comments in his own blog,

Emori-san says he was happy to be outnumbered to avoid it being presented as a debate between positions of equal weight. He is also quite happy with the full documents in Japanese, which he claims are convincingly in his favour 🙂

So, can we send this silly talking point back to hell already?


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