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We are going to be suppressed by the mainstream media II

cite as: F. Bi. We are going to be suppressed by the mainstream media II. Intl. J. Inact., 2:35–36

poll-20090309The Heartland Institute’s “2009 International Conference on Climate Change” is now in progress, and my poll for predicting the ‘conference’ take-home message has just closed — thanks to everyone who voted!

Meanwhile, the Galileo-like findings of the global warming ‘skeptics’ continue to be ruthlessly suppressed by the mainstream media as evidenced by, um, the following news articles and op-eds:

  • The Grauniad starts by describing the conference attendees as “climate change deniers”, devotes about half of the space about climate activists saying mean things about the conference, and concludes with a description of another conference held to specifically study climate change denial. Fascists!!!
  • The New Ork Times‘s Andrew Revkin hints — very subtly — that many of the ‘skeptic’ arguments are mutually contradictory, but otherwise doesn’t say anything bad about conference. Inquisitors!!!
  • The Torygraph gives Christopher Booker an opinion column to whine about how the “climate change lobby” is treating him and his fellow inactivists in mean ways. Bureaucrats!!!

Also, DeSmogBlog has a video.

* * *

Update 2009-03-09: Oops — NYT doesn’t like being cached by WebCite; I’ve replaced the links with a direct link to the original article.



  1. Erm, the NY Times link is broken – both links take me to a Webcite of the same Javascript file…?

    Comment by Julius — 2009/03/09 @ 10:25 | Reply

  2. Julius:

    Fixed. Thanks!

    Comment by frankbi — 2009/03/09 @ 11:18 | Reply

  3. […] Frank also ran a “Conference take home message” poll which has now closed (and the winner is ….), and includes a good characterization of some of the mainstream responses to the circus “We are going to be suppressed by the mainstream media II.“ […]

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  4. […] At any rate, it seems that Klaus is getting a bit more media attention at the ‘conference’ than Harrison Schmitt, John Coleman, James Hansen, Steven Chu, or the Japanese — at least for now. I guess we didn’t see that coming. […]

    Pingback by We are going to be suppressed by the mainstream media III: Všichni Trpíme Klaus-trofobií « International Journal of Inactivism — 2009/03/10 @ 04:20 | Reply

  5. […] Brian D reminds me of a point that I meant to make, which is it looks like FrankBi’s “Heartland take home message” poll correctly predicted that it would be “Fire Hansen now.” (I got it right […]

    Pingback by Deniers totally lose it and stop even pretending they do science « Greenfyre’s — 2009/03/12 @ 15:49 | Reply

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