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Nominations for 'conference' take-home message are now open!

cite as: F. Bi. 2009. Nominations for ‘conference’ take-home message are now open! Intl. J. Inact., 2:28–29

Yes, it’s less than 2 weeks before the Heartland Institute’s “2009 International Conference on Climate Change”, during which a few talking heads will prattle on and on about how this ‘global warming crisis’ thing is really a huge hoax perpetrated by crypto-Marxists to implement totalitarian rule or something, and 1,000+ people who can’t care less about the whole global warming ‘debate’ will be there just to enjoy the free catered food while pretending to listen to the speakers. DeSmogBlog has informed us that they’ll be going. 🙂

Now, if last year‘s any guide, the ‘conference’ proper will be pretty boring, and the fun stuff will come in the form of media stunts and what not that occur outside of the presentations. Indeed, during last year’s gathering the right-wing blogosphere made a lot of noise over weatherman John Coleman‘s appearance on the media, and the take-home message of the ‘conference’ practically became this:


So I guess we can expect there to be a similar take-home message for this year’s ‘conference’. But what will it be? Here are a few possibilities I came up with after, well, storming my brain a bit:

  1. John Coleman (or Christopher Monckton) is still going to sue Al Gore! Now, this’ll be extremely lame since Coleman and Monckton have been making the same threat for a year or so already, with not a trace of the supposed lawsuit in sight. But global warming ‘skepticism’ tends to be extremely lame anyway, so it’s possible that they may try to pull this off…
  2. John Coleman is going to sue James Hansen! Alternatively, they can try to cover up their failure to sue Gore by pointing to another ‘target’. And some people will buy that.
  3. Fire James Hansen from the NASA, now! Readers of this humble blog will remember that Anthony Watts started an online poll in an effort to get Hansen fired, and the poll ended up being a dud. But they’re now at it again! Lately the Heartland Institute has been trying to manufacture a ‘grassroots movement‘ to fire Hansen, and it’s possible they’ll use their ‘conference’ as an opportunity to publicize their ‘grassroots’ product.
  4. Harrison Schmitt for President (or Hd NASA GISS)! The ‘conference’ news page currently has three news items discussing the stock talking points of former astronaut Harrison Schmitt. Will be become the main focus of the ‘conference’?
  5. Steven Chu had sex with a Marxist-Leninist intern, or some other ‘scandal’. Listed here just for completeness — Heartland hasn’t actually mentioned Chu yet. (:

I’m sure the above list doesn’t exhaust all the possibilities, so let me know what you think the Heartland Institute will use as the ‘conference’ take-home message. And perhaps after a few days I’ll start a poll on PollDaddy, and we can let the messages fight it out. May the best talking point win!

Update 2009-02-28: The poll’s up and running — vote now!

Update 2009-03-14: And the winner is…?



  1. Andrew Orlowski’s version of what Kanya Kusano was supposed to have said. Timing is about right

    Comment by Anthony O — 2009/02/26 @ 07:37 | Reply

  2. Ah, “climate science is ‘ancient astrology'”. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

    Comment by frankbi — 2009/02/26 @ 08:07 | Reply

  3. […] “2009 International Conference on Climate Change” is now in progress, and my poll for predicting the ‘conference’ take-home message has just closed — thanks to everyone who […]

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