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Heartland Institute invokes Rush Limbaugh

cite as: F. Bi. 2009. Heartland Institute invokes that name Rush Limbaugh. Intl. J. Inact., 2:27

Last year? This year (to February)? Last year? (Source: Rush Limbaugh Show web site.)

Last year? Or this year (to February)? Or last year? Whatever -- it’s scientific! (Source: Rush Limbaugh Show web site.)

Praise the Lords! The nonpartisan Heartland Institute, a nonpartisan group that knows (for nonpartisan reasons) that global warming is a hoax, is citing the nonpartisan Rush “Operation Chaos: because we hate Democrats and democracy!” Limbaugh as a nonpartisan information source:

Recent media coverage:

Despite Cooling Temperatures, Liberals Still Sell Global Warming
Rush Limbaugh program, February 16, 2009

So, Heartland has officially abandoned trying to convince the world of its position (H1), and decided instead to try riling up its ever-shrinking extreme-Right ‘base’ (L) to make a din before their pet Congressmen.



  1. I have had a “draft” attempt at categorizing skeptic arguments, I have ended up with 5 groups that all their arguments fall under:

    One of the groups is “Conspiracy based arguments”. I cited “Towards a genealogy of climate conspiracy theories” published here in the IJI. If you can think of any problems/improvements to the categories feel free. I am sure I won’t have got it right in the draft attempt.

    Comment by fred — 2009/02/23 @ 00:28 | Reply

  2. fred:


    I couldn’t reply on your blog since I couldn’t get the CAPTCHA on your blog to show up, but anyway, I’d just mention a few more types of arguments:

    Waah, mommy, mommy, they hurt, I afraid! e.g. AGW is a hoax because AGW theory proponents are name-calling or hurling insults or whatever (sometimes while doing exactly that themselves).

    Argument by… persecution? AGW proponents are the Inquisition, or Nazis, or Lysenko, or something. We just want fairness and balance and equal time, we can say whatever we want because it’s free speech, blah blah blah. Obviously sometimes they get mixed with political arguments and meta-discussions.

    Clinton Did It Too! Any error or wrong committed by an inactivist is simply ‘balanced’ by making a knee-jerk comment about how climate activists Are Doing The Same Thing. Often this knee-jerk tactic results in complete nonsense e.g. this comment on Greenfyre’s blog.

    I’m not sure how exactly I’d group these arguments though…

    Comment by frankbi — 2009/02/24 @ 06:19 | Reply

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