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Climate alarm is falling! Climate alarm is falling!

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cite as: F. Bi. 2009. Climate alarm is falling! Climate alarm is falling! Intl. J. Inact., 2:26

Via Michael Tobis, a story over at Daily Kos :

Perhaps the best innovation in the 2008 [US] presidential campaign was the advent of the post-debate snap poll. For years, we had heard the usual lineup of right-wingers on cable news tell us how bold and impressive their candidate had been in the debate, and somehow, these jokers were allowed to determine the winners and losers of the debates.

In 2008, those snap polls made fools of the talking heads until the last debate, when they finally shut their traps and let the snap polls determine the winners. […] But the lesson hasn’t been learned, and we’re once again seeing this huge divide between the out-of-touch DC chattering class and, well, everyone else.

And guess what, we have the same type of chattering heads in the global warming ‘debate’! Just check out, say, the fact-free garbage that Pielke Jr. is spewing and the International Climate ‘Science’ Coalition is spreading. Maybe they’re thinking that, if they create a “reality” that’s convincing enough to their pet Congressmen, it’ll become true — for their practical purposes, at least.


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