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Al Gore is the Jim Crow of Liberal Fascism

cite as: F. Bi. 2009. Al Gore is the Jim Crow of Liberal Fascism. Intl. J. Inact., 2:8

fvpWell, the weather here’s insane, and while this doesn’t prove or disprove global warming, it probably does explain why I’m feeling somewhat irritated at the moment.

But that aside. The International Climate ‘Science’ Coalition is now touting a new ‘children’s climate science book’ (in the upper right corner of its web site) titled We’re Not Scared Anymore Mr. Gore.

This ‘children’s book’ is a collection of many of the usual inactivist canards, logical fallacies, and insinuations of wrongdoing. Personally, I think the best part of the book is the very first graphic, which tries to suggest that Al Gore owns a private jet. Read the whole thing, as they say. 🙂



  1. Christ, that’s appalling. Half the frames, I can’t tell what’s supposed to be happening (other than Al Gore being trounced by the children, obviously, who all seem to be surprisingly well-briefed in the standard talking points!) because the drawings are so appalling.

    And they hold up Darwin as an example of the revolutionary scientist who was ignored/shunned by the mainstream? That’s not even entirely true, and also a bit rich given that not a small proportion of AGW deniers (at least in the US) probably are creationists…

    Comment by Julius — 2009/01/19 @ 12:13 | Reply

  2. not a small proportion of AGW deniers (at least in the US) probably are creationists…

    :-B Perhaps then William Dembski is the Charles Darwin of Liberal Fascism, while Charles Darwin is really the Josef Stalin of Liberal Fascism, or something.

    Comment by frankbi — 2009/01/19 @ 18:45 | Reply

  3. Looks like The Reader’s Digest condensation of South Park

    Comment by Russell — 2009/02/09 @ 13:10 | Reply

  4. Russell: That’s an interesting way to describe it.

    Comment by frankbi — 2009/02/10 @ 11:50 | Reply

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