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EPA screw-up turns into… another worldwide conspiracy?

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cite as: F. Bi. 2008. EPA screw-up turns into… another worldwide conspiracy? Intl. J. Inact., 1:199–200


"EPA owes it to the American public to reopen the comment period and let the people speak."

Maureen Martin, senior fellow for legal affairs at the Heartland Institute, is unhappy about something:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions from about 1.2 million new or expanded structures […]. The regulation would create a bureaucratic nightmare beyond imagination. The mere proposal of such regulation already has.

The formal comment period on the regulations proposed in the name of controlling global warming […] closed last Friday (11/28). […] EPA publicized out the wrong e-mail address, to which about 140,000 e-mails were sent. Untold thousands of them may still be floating around in cyberspace — EPA can’t say which ones have been received.

The alternative system for on-line submissions — EPA’s Web site — didn’t work. No one knows how many people tried to comment but couldn’t.

A sad, sad story of government incompetence, but there’s one problem: I can’t find anything corroborating this story. Even Anthony Watts’s inactivist blog is completely silent about it (Watts did write about the EPA’s request for comments back in July). Surely if there was such a huge blunder by the EPA that affected 140,000 Americans, we’d have heard something about it in the past few weeks?1 What’s going on here?


  1. While the article refers to 28 Nov as “last Friday”, it was published only on 22 Dec.

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