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You are in a little twisting maze of think-tanks, all different

cite as: F. Bi. 2008. You are in a little twisting maze of think-tanks, all different. Intl. J. Inact., 1:179–180

From an essay regarding Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth, on the web site of the State Policy Network, written by Deborah Thornton of the “Public Interest Institute” (

An English High Court ruling states there are “so many demonstrable errors in An Inconvenient Truth that it can not be shown [in England] unless students are also taught its errors and the opposing views.”

Um, the above quote looks authoritative, but I can’t find it in the text of the High Court ruling… and besides the court only found 9 errors, and stated that AIT “is substantially founded upon scientific research and fact”. But Thornton goes on to say:

We must demonstrate the difference between propaganda and fact.

Yeah, right. The lady doth protest too much methinks…

More interestingly, the web address of the “Public Interest Institute” turns out to be another nexus of think-tanks.



  1. Just to note that they weren’t errors in the ordinary sense of the term (which is why in the judge placed “errors” in quotes in the written ruling). The British government decided to defend the case by citing the IPCC as the gold standard, which meant that any divergence from it was an “error.” IMHO there were maybe two real errors in AIT, and I wouldn’t call either of them major.

    Comment by Steve Bloom — 2008/12/10 @ 11:46 | Reply

  2. Not that that’ll matter to the inactivists, who see every error and “error” as a grievous crime against all things they hold dear. 🙂

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/12/10 @ 16:31 | Reply

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