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Brutus is an honourable man

Filed under: astroturf,ICF International — stepanovich @ 19:50

cite as: F. Bi. 2008. The Way of the Astroturf III. Brutus is an honourable man. Intl. J. Inact., 1:174

On the last page of a publication titled Strategic Communication: Raising the Profile of Corporate Sustainability Efforts, by one ICF International:

ICF’s communications professionals are experts in public relations, advertising, partnership development, and grassroots marketing.

Now I’d like to know who their clients are.

ICF also runs a web site which seems to be trying to pass itself off as the US National Child Care Information Center web site. Holy cow, is this sort of thing even legal at all?



  1. wtf??

    I’d fire off an email to the real nccic with the url and simply ask them … that might create some interest, or at least get an answer.

    Comment by greenfyre — 2008/11/19 @ 23:07 | Reply

  2. “And public reasons shall be rendered”

    Comment by greenfyre — 2008/11/19 @ 23:09 | Reply

  3. I’d fire off an email to the real nccic with the url and simply ask them …

    Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve done that… I can’t wait to hear their reply. 🙂

    “And public reasons shall be rendered”

    Aww shucks, I think I forgot to bring Caesar’s will.

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/11/20 @ 03:56 | Reply

  4. I figured that of course, but the quote wouldn’t stand alone 🙂

    Comment by greenfyre — 2008/11/20 @ 04:18 | Reply

  5. Got a reply from Violeta Mora which among other things says,

    NCCIC is a contract run by ICF Consulting for the Child Care Bureau. The URL is our old URL and has not been completely phased out.

    Still doesn’t really explain why they didn’t simply turn into a huge redirect, but there we go…

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/12/08 @ 08:48 | Reply

  6. I guess willful deception isn’t technically fraud unless there is an attempt to take money somehow.

    This is, however, breathtaking.

    Comment by Kevin McKinney — 2009/01/23 @ 16:45 | Reply

  7. (Eponymous: no trolling.)

    Comment by frankbi — 2009/05/23 @ 03:59 | Reply

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