International Journal of Inactivism (now supplanted by Decoding SwiftHack)


Attack of the attacking attacks!

McCain campaign: ‘We’re going to launch torpedos at Obama’s image of integrity! Hey look, Obama associated with terrorists in the past! Haha!’

McCain campaign: ‘… Uh-oh.’

* * *

McCain campaign: ‘OK, no matter. If one big honking megaphone isn’t enough to blare our message into voters’ heads, we just need to get 2 megaphones, right? And if 2 aren’t enough, then let’s use 4, or 8, or 16, and so on until all the molecules in the United States of America are vibrating with the message of Obama’s treasonous treason!’

* * *

McCain campaign: ‘… Aha, I know! Let’s insinuate that all the small, under-$200 donations to Obama’s campaign actually come from foreign terrorists! Send threatening legal letters to Joe Sixpack to stop him from raising funds or voting! Yes, yes!’

McCain campaign: ‘Victory is ours! Muhahahahaha!’

* * *

Update 2008-10-06: Seen on Alicublog‘s sidebar:


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