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Civitas me gubernatrice sentit…?!?

Filed under: Joe Biden,news,Sarah Palin,YouTube videos — stepanovich @ 07:34

cite as: F. Bi. 2008. Civitas me gubernatrice sentit…?!? Intl. J. Inact., 1:149

Sarah Palin, in her vice presidential debate with Joe Biden, still couldn’t stop spewing out a word salad when she tried to explain whether global warming is man-made:

I’m not one to attribute every man — activity of man to the changes in the climate.

Besides the confusion over what’s supposed to cause what, there’s the extra fun introduced by the word “every”. Did she mean she wouldn’t attribute every climate change to mankind? Or that she wouldn’t attribute climate change to every man?

Perhaps Palin can express her ideas better in a language with freer word order. Such as Latin. Or Russian, the language of Владимир “Rears His Head” Путин.

Also, while it was earlier thought that the debate had ended in a draw, a CBS poll now shows that Biden was a clear winner in this debate. Not surprisingly, some people simply refuse to accept that — Daily Kos and Kléber Raposadinho just caught some hilarious attempts to claim that Biden didn’t win. :-B

Update 2008-10-05: Via EvolutionBlog : the Sarah Palin debate flowchart.



  1. (thenonconformer: Perhaps you can troll in a more, um, nonconformist fashion. Thank you.)

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/10/04 @ 08:39 | Reply

  2. One analyst (and I apologise, but I forget where) suggested that her careful wording allows her to appear to not contradict McPain while still holding her strict Denier beliefs.

    Parse her statement and you will see it is a credible hypothesis; she could believe that you can attribute no human causation and still ‘truthfully’ (or at least accurately) make that statement.

    Comment by greenfyre — 2008/10/05 @ 00:20 | Reply

  3. greenfyre:

    Hmm… that does sound like a credible theory, especially given how she didn’t want to discuss the causes of climate change. 🙂

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/10/05 @ 10:48 | Reply

  4. I laughed out loud at word salad. Found you through Jon Swift…

    Comment by shannon — 2008/10/08 @ 22:43 | Reply

  5. *wink*

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/10/09 @ 02:44 | Reply

  6. Shannon, ‘word salad’ is a legitimate term: it’s the common-speech name for schizophasia (in much the same way “mass hysteria” is the common name for conversion disorder). It’s a symptom of some forms of schizophrenia and is very similar to the characteristic speech patterns of those suffering from Wernicke’s aphasia. Insert Sarah Palin joke here.

    Frank, have you seen Inhofe’s latest version of his “greatest hoax” conspiracy theory? Apparently the environinjas have intimidated everyone’s favorite POW bundle-of-joy and God is playing merry hob with the thermostat.

    Comment by Brian D — 2008/10/09 @ 17:59 | Reply

  7. Brian D:

    And Inhofe thought that global warming was real until he found out that Kyoto would cost a lot, and then he suddenly realizes that global warming’s a ‘hoax’… and oh, by the way, there are lots of skeptical scientists! (……)

    People are afraid of some of the environmentalists out there because they pour all the money into campaigns and

    What, no trace of the obligatory Russian man smoking a cigar? :B

    Gah, perhaps McCain was forced to toe the greenist line and go all flip-floppy over drilling, because Obama wouldn’t accept his invitation to go to townhall meetings or whatever. Also, greenies are filthy rich, and the green economy is doomed.

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/10/09 @ 19:15 | Reply

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