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Tom Harris may need some helium

cite as: F. Bi. 2008. Tom Harris may need some helium. Intl. J. Inact., 1:143

Announcement: Sign the “Sue Us” Petition and urge Monckton and others
to sue Gore and Hansen as repeatedly threatened! 60 signatures so far!


Well, here’s a (long-overdue) update to my genealogy of climate conspiracy theories. It now includes

(As before, you can view the updated genealogy by clicking on the sultry girl.)


And, speaking of Harris and Heartland… apparently the freedom-loving Heartland Institute, in an act of supreme inactivist freedom, has now removed the link to the conference proceedings from their web site! The audio recordings are now on a different page, but many of the hyperlinks are broken — including the link to Harris’s speech.

Fortunately, I’ve already archived Harris’s presentation and a section of his speech, so you can still continue to experience the joy of learning about “coordinated local activism” by listening to his mellifluous voice. ☻

Update 2008-09-19: The audios are now back — at different addresses. Perhaps Heartland simply moved the audios and forgot to update the hyperlinks to them.



  1. They want to hold more of these conferences (with the next one already planned for London IIRC), so given the nature of their game it would not be beneficial to leave a record for easy comparison.

    Comment by Steve Bloom — 2008/09/18 @ 23:33 | Reply

  2. Steve Bloom:

    Oh wow. Anyway, the audios are now back… it seems they moved their addresses and forgot to update the hyperlinks.

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/09/19 @ 03:16 | Reply

  3. New update for the Lindzen conspiracy line … My comment based on cursory reading

    “Sorting through the 35 pages of verbiage the core premise is that government funding has corrupted climate science by encouraging climate research that promotes the concept of anthropogenic climate change. The gaping flaw is that this bias in government funding is assumed rather than demonstrated, and in fact the US government has been suppressing climate science for years and continues to do so “White House Edits Another Memo to Minimize Global Warming”

    Comment by greenfyre — 2008/09/25 @ 17:25 | Reply

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  5. […] Institute, a think-tank which opposes global warming regulation (among other things), was found to move its ‘conference’ audios around on its web server, causing some hyperlinks to the audios to become broken for a short […]

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