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In insulâ conspiramus

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cite as: F. Bi. In insulâ conspiramus. Intl. J. Inact., 1:141–142

Announcement: Sign the “Sue Us” Petition and urge Monckton and others
to sue Gore and Hansen as repeatedly threatened! 60 signatures so far!

Estne caput novum cabali?

My trusty invisible ninja informant has just notified me of an interesting news item on one Providence Journal : the University of Rhode Island will be hosting an online chat about global warming, at Tuesday 1:30pm EDT! Also, at 7:30pm the URI will be doing a presentation to debunk a video sponsored by the inactivist Heartland Institute, but this one isn’t an online event.

(Note that this is Rhode Island we’re talking about — a place where inactivists fear to tread. Clearly the all-powerful Bavarian Climatati have a very strong presence there — perhaps the Climatati have shifted their HQ from Bavaria to Providence?)

Atque interim…

In other news, commenter Steve Bloom pointed me to a blog post (cached) by Chuck Norris Dee Norris which extols the virtues of global warming “skepticism”. The post appears on Anthony Watts’s blog Watts Up With That, but of course Watts has totally nothing to do with it. Now Norris, in her supreme skepticism, decides to

  • criticize a New Scientist commenter for using “inductive reasoning to draw general conclusions about skeptics based on his knowledge of a few individuals (or perhaps even none at all)”, oblivious to the fact that he himself just made the same exact error in the process;
  • reject the arguments of people who acknowledge both evolution theory and global warming — on the grounds that they’ve not read The Origin of Species;
  • yet uncritically accept the opinions of those who acknowledge evolution but doubt global warming (suddenly whether they’ve read Darwin’s text isn’t so important after all!);
  • and last, he mindlessly uses the “Oregon Petition” as ‘evidence’.

But all these basic errors are perfectly OK… because she tells us that she was a precocious child! And she compares herself to Cassandra! Alas, she wasn’t also a POW

Well, that’s Norris (and Watts) for you. And remember: it’s Tuesday 1:30pm EDT.

Update 2008-10-26: Didn’t realize that “Dee” is a feminine name.


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  1. (Dee Norris: You keep using the word ad hominem. It doesn’t mean what think it should mean, i.e. any criticism that makes you look bad.)

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/09/22 @ 02:16 | Reply

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