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Quem custodiunt Climatati?

cite as: F. Bi. 2008. Quem custodiunt Climatati? Intl. J. Inact., 1:72–74

Quæstio gravis

When studying the secret cabal of climatologists that’s the Bavarian Climatati, the real question isn’t “quis custodiet Climatatos?”; it’s “quem custodiunt Climatati?”.1 For as we know, in Soviet Russia, the Climatati find evidence of You! — and now that the Iron Curtain is no more, we see that Soviet Russia, like the Climatati, is everywhere and nowhere.


Since it’s everywhere and nowhere, it turns out to be pretty easy to find traces of Soviet extremism, and environmental extremism, in any place you look. If you squint really hard, that is. As witness this hilarious news item from New Zealand:

[…] the private investigators [Thompson and Clark …] market themselves as specialists in “corporate intelligence” about protest groups [… Their findings] are presented in the style of police intelligence reports, with security and copyright warnings at the top and bottom of each page.

The reports, titled “National Extremism”, show little evidence of the activist threats the title suggests. One item, for example, says “bio-diesel bus carrying the Be the Change Climate Rescue Tour arrives in Palmerston North fronted by environmental activist and Auckland Save Happy Valley member Jo McVeagh”. […] This “intelligence”, for which Maf [the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry] had been paying $1000 per monthly report, was taken straight from a “Be the Change” press release. Thompson and Clark’s contribution was a comment about the bus’s bio-diesel a by-product of meat production “not [being] the smartest of choices for someone like McVeagh who wants to take the moral high ground” (presumably a reference to her assumed vegetarian beliefs).

Holy batman, I’ve no doubt I can do a better job at ferreting “intelligence” — right on this puny little blog — and I can write snark too. Give me my NZ$1,000 a month, now!

Now you too can be an expert on the USSR

This little story from Kiwiland made me think again about Wes Vernon’s opinion piece which I discussed some days before. Remember that Vernon devoted 3 paragraphs to extolling the credibility of the “disinformation” “expert” Natalie Grant Wraga,2 and then went on to talk about a shocking truth revealed by Grant: that Green Cross International was founded by Mikhail Gorbachev!

Well, if you’d done a quick Google search and read the Wikipedia article on GCI, you could’ve figured that out too. In fact, back in 2001, the GCI home page already clearly stated that Gorbachev was its president. Truly, as Vernon has shown us, this is the sort of thing that takes a seasoned, well-trained, intrepid expert on disinformation to figure out!

So what’s going on here? Was Vernon merely name-dropping ‘intelligence experts’ in order to give the impression that there’s some covert agenda which the Warmist Conspiracy wants to hide? Or was he so lazy that he simply depended on a single article from 1998 for a historical overview of the “global warming scare”?

(Another thing: Vernon says that Grant’s ‘exposé’ was published in the Spring 1998 issue of The Register. However, a search on the Grant quote in the first paragraph takes me to a letter on the Washington Post placing the quote in the Spring 1998 issue of a publication called The Resister. Strange that none of the ‘skeptics’ at Free Republic spotted this error.)

Crimen majestatis maximum est

In other news, Random Lengths News has an opinion piece which clearly shows the Climatati’s treasonous, freedom-hating, funding-hungry, Third-World-kleptocratic agenda to create a One World Government:

Loyalty to almost anything American, from pet food to automobiles, has kind of gone the way of fealty to the crown […]. If nothing else, we should recognize that there is a higher imperative encompassing a universal loyalty to the world or to mankind’s survival in general. With the rising levels of industrial pollution causing global warming, what difference do national borders make? The carbon pollution from one continent warms the whole globe, without respect to any borders. […]

There are no borders worth defending if mankind decides to annihilate itself. There will be no nation states to raise a flag for, or to pledge allegiance to, or even to defend, if we destroy the foundation of the ecology that supports life for us all.


  1. “Who watches the Climatati?” “Whom do the Climatati watch?”
  2. I’m guessing that Grant indeed used to be a credible expert at one time, but in her later years, she had become a paranoid whackjob.


  1. I likes the literate humor, I does.

    OT: Just as with the Donation of Pepin, that recent CTT paper is now available gratis.

    Comment by Steve Bloom — 2008/06/21 @ 22:11 | Reply

  2. Steve Bloom: Thanks!

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/06/22 @ 03:56 | Reply

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