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eSkeptic is a mock-epic

cite as: F. Bi. 2008. eSkeptic is a mock-epic. Intl. J. Inact., 1:58–59


All Embracing says this about the Skeptics Society:

It’s all very well being skeptical of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories but really, get with the programme. If this is your great success story, your ‘pat on the back’ moment, then it’s also a tacit admission that the Skeptics [Society] have, by and large, failed in their ability to pull it together in regard to applying their skepticism towards Climate Change Denial Conspiracy Theories. […] there is still some infighting in their ranks about the issue.

Holy Zeus. Indeed, what’s the whole use of debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories again? You’d have thought that the Skeptics Society would’ve found a more utile subject to work their mad skeptic skills on, and actually achieved something real in society. Ah well.

Anyway, today I added 3 theories into the great genealogy of climate conspiracy theories: Roy Spencer’s Feb 2007 theory in the New York Post, Spencer’s Mar 2007 theory in his testimony before the Waxman committee, and Monckton’s 2008 theory. Of course, as always, each and every one of the conspiracy theories is absolutely true! You can click on the sultry girl on the right to view the current version of the genealogy of conspiracies.


In other news, via Only In It For The Gold, there’s an op-ed on the Wall Street Journal which can be summarized thus:

  • Paragraphs 1–6: High oil prices aren’t (really) a problem. Ponies! Ponies!
  • Paragraphs 7–11: The greenies are stupid and insane and dangerous.
  • Paragraph 12: Victory will be ours! Bwahahahahaha!

Bleh. Apparently this sort of ‘argument’ makes ‘sense’ to some people…


Again, the ASCII art for the girl comes from



  1. Here here (I say, touting my own work). More importantly, what plugin is it that you use to get those nifty ‘cite as’ strings?

    Comment by horansome — 2008/06/07 @ 01:29 | Reply

  2. horansome:

    I don’t. I type them by hand. 🙂 The ‘page numbers’ are according to the (rough) lengths of the entries.

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/06/07 @ 04:38 | Reply

  3. It’s a nice idea and one that deserves to be implemented elsewhere.

    Comment by horansome — 2008/06/07 @ 05:12 | Reply

  4. horansome:

    🙂 In any case, this is how I got the idea.

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/06/07 @ 07:05 | Reply

  5. […] presence of the Climatati may explain why, when climate change inactivists touch on climate conspiracy theories, there seem to be 3 different levels (or registers) of […]

    Pingback by Gorbachev Bavariæ « International Journal of Inactivism — 2008/06/17 @ 19:09 | Reply

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