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I just got blog-mined

cite as: F. Bi. 2008. I just got blog-mined. Intl. J. Inact., 1:55–56

I just got blog-mined

Yes, that’s right: some wag on Yahoo Canada called aefthe2nd decided to quote a link to an entry on my blog, and then conclude the opposite of what my blog actually says. Hmm… should I be flattered, that someone thinks my blog’s actually worth misrepresenting?

So, aefthe2nd writes,

In summary, I’ll quote Dr. Richard S. Lindzen, the leading climate and atmospheric science expert from MIT said, […]

…and then links to my 17 May conspiracy theory diagram. Of course, anyone who’s actually checked out that diagram — or even better, my earlier blog entry linked therefrom — will be able to conclude that Lindzen is, in fact, an idiot.

In other news

ExxonMobil’s shareholders defeated a couple of shareholder proposals aimed at making the company go green… but not before defeating Milloy’s Shareholder Proposal to End All Shareholder Proposals. Things aren’t exactly looking up for Milloy’s Grand Stonewalling Plan

Anyway, here’s what ExxonMobil CEO-Chairman Rex Tillerson said about the other proposals:

He [Tillerson] said the company is investing in what he termed significant research into breakthroughs that increase efficiency in fossil fuels, create more advanced engines and cut emissions. […]

Tillerson added that the company’s commitment to research may not be obvious because Exxon Mobil doesn’t reveal what it is doing until something is solid.

Yeah, we understand. After all, ExxonMobil stopped funding some climate inactivist groups only recently…



  1. I saw that yahoo answers question “Any Facts/Opinions on for Global Warming ( need help with speech)?” I read through the responses and was preparing to refute all the familiar B.S. I saw from the denialists who were responding only to realize the question had been resolved. I must say my favorite answer was by “Monkey Jones”:

    “There are no facts for Global Warming because it does not exist. However, it is a fact that anyone who believes in Global Warming is a liberal idiot. Maybe you could use that. Good luck with your speech!”

    Such compelling arguments! Love your site by the way.

    Comment by Chad — 2008/05/29 @ 22:47 | Reply

  2. Chad:

    Haha, thanks! You can still try to add comments to the chosen answer though — that’s what I did. (Though they won’t be visible until someone clicks a special button. Ugh.)

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/05/30 @ 02:22 | Reply

  3. (realist: If you feel the need to ignore the actual argument so that you can insult people, do it elsewhere. Why the urge to label yourself a “realist” anyway?)

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/05/31 @ 04:59 | Reply

  4. (aefthe2nd: Explain why you had to misrepresent me. Otherwise, take your conspiracy theories and talking points elsewhere.)

    Comment by frankbi — 2009/09/20 @ 07:42 | Reply

    • (aefthe2nd: You fail.)

      Comment by frankbi — 2009/11/25 @ 13:22 | Reply

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