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Unstoppable Angry Scientists!

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cite as: F. Bi. 2008. Unstoppable Angry Scientists! Intl. J. Inact., 1:33

Via Hot Topic: the “Heartland 500” debacle has finally entered the mainstream media! The New Zealand media, to be precise. And there are now 5 more angry scientists!

(I’m quite sure the Heartland Institute isn’t going to try suing all the media outlets to stop this story… but in case they do, I’ve made archives of the Hot Topic post, the New Zealand Herald article, the Hard News item, the Radio New Zealand coverage, the story, and last but not least the Radio NZ‘s Morning Report podcast (where NZ inactivist Owen McShane offers a short defence of the list — though for this one, you probably want to download the 1.2MB, 3′ 12″ MP3 from the original site instead…).)

Heartland’s response?

So, what’s Heartland Institute’s “response” to this whole thing? Well, get this: their response is to suddenly remember that Waikato University is in New Zealand, not Australia! Oops. In Heartland’s 5 May statement, Bast had declared that

We plan to make no further changes to the articles or to the lists.

I guess things just refuse to go as planned

(OK, I admit that this NZ vs. Australia thing can get people confused at times. I mean, they both have cute animals and they’re both not America, right? Anyway, I usually remember Waikato University simply as the home of the BOFH… sorry guys.)



  1. It gets worse

    Comment by The Tuatara — 2008/05/10 @ 07:50 | Reply

  2. Wow, man. They’ll have to spin this really hard now. Maybe an army of exercising hamsters will help.

    Comment by frankbi — 2008/05/10 @ 08:35 | Reply

  3. […] 2: (14.5.2008) Ein paar lesenswerte Blog-Reaktionen zu dieser Angelegenheit. Mediales Echo gab’s allerdings bisher […]

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