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Internet Goracularities: Marohasy’s priest

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cite as: F. Bi. 2008. Internet Goracularities: Marohasy’s priest. Intl. J. Inact., 1:26–27

The Goracle.

The Internet Goracle has pondered your question deeply. Your question was:

O Omniscient Goracle, I read a Marohasy blog post about how the global warming theory is in trouble. Are we actually destined for global cooling? Great Goracle, please deliver us from our ignorance!

And in response, thus spake the Goracle:

Goracle: [mutters] Wait a minute, Marohasy again? This might be fun… let me see… [shouts] Hoi, Zadoc!

Zadoc: [grovels at Goracle‘s feet] Your wish is my command, master!

Goracle: Now, Zadoc, we have here a Marohasy blog post talking about “3 Recent Climate Predictions Reported by the BBC”. You already know that Marohasy thinks the BBC is an unreliable source of science. So where are they getting their science from this time?

Zadoc: [still grovelling] Um… the BBC, master?

Goracle: Correct! You’re learning fast, Zadoc. What they did was genius, wasn’t it? Getting their science information from the media, and then complaining about the Media Fear Engine? Then if their half-baked argument doesn’t make sense, they can say that since it doesn’t make sense, therefore it makes sense.

Naomi Goreskes: [from another room] Hey Gorrie… I’m feeling randy… come here already…!

Goracle: Be right there soon, honey! [speaks to Zadoc] OK, you may go.

[Zadoc leaves]

Goracle: Um, so… dear supplicant, don’t do this sort of stupid thing at home. If you want reliable science information, go read the primary material yourself, or listen to what other real scientists1 who have actually read the paper are saying. And if you whine about a source, don’t continue to get your science from it.

You owe the Goracle a subscription to Energy and Environment.


  1. The Goracle was incarnated as Brian D when he provided these links.

* * *

Update 2008-12-02: Michelle Malkin quotes this entry… sort of.


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